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The Right Thing & The MainThing – by Rick Tidwell and Nina Tidwell

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The Right Thing & The MainThing – by Rick Tidwell and Nina Tidwell

The_Right_Thing_Cover_for_Kindle“Something was missing. I was a successful minister and founding pastor of a church that grew from zero to three hundred and it wasn’t enough. I was a successful businessman earning a six-figure income with a bright future and it wasn’t enough. I had a gorgeous wife who loved me, two beautiful boys, and the perfect home. But I almost threw it all away—because it wasn’t enough. Something was still missing! I was missing the one thing all strong people need to survive: Those at the top must seek out and help those at the bottom. This is “The Main Thing.” This is our mission. Will you take your place next to Jesus in serving the least among us?”

Rick has been a Founding and Head Pastor for over 18 years, the last 12 years at Ponce Church in Ponce Inlet, FL. “One of the five best Bible teachers in the world”, according to Dr. Kevin McNulty, World Missions Director and Founder of Christian Adventures International, Daytona Beach, FL. An instructor in 3 different Bible schools, mission trip organizer, equipping and facilitating others to accept their call to ministry or mission. As a young man, God called Rick to “spend his time in ministry and the Word” and since that call, he has spent over 30,000 hours in the study of scripture. Rick’s greatest accomplishment: currently feeding over 150 meals every week to our homeless friends on North St. in Daytona Beach, FL.

Awesome x 10!  This is such a necessary piece for the church! A short, rich treatise, focusing on what Jesus considered most important for his followers to be engaged in. Read it and then re-read it!

Rodney Lloyd
Apostolic Leader – USA, S. Africa, Nations

Rick doesn’t mince words.  It is clear that a belief in God calls for a response in our lives that is visibly lived…..A book for those serious about being a Christian…..Christianity is not for armchair spectators but those willing to live the Gospel. The age old question of Faith and Works is given the proper perspective in the life of a Christian. One can’t have one without the other. Pastor Rick is clear what it means to believe in Jesus Christ as Lord and what that belief entails in our lives.

Rev. Phil Egitto, Pastor
Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church, Daytona Beach, FL.

Practical….Straight Teaching. Rick hits the Nail on the Head…God gave us The Comforter, the Holy Ghost, not only to be comforted but to also comfort others….This Book Challenges Our Hearts!

Steve Upshur, Founder
Peacemakers International, Detroit, MI.

Rick Tidwell gets it.  In very conservative circles it feels like compromising.  And in very liberal circles it feels like proselytizing.  But what Rick describes as “The Main Thing” is true biblical balance – true New Testament Christianity.  The words of Jesus in Matthew 25:31-46 that Rick highlights stand in harsh juxtaposition to any discussion about who is deserving and who is not.  Clearly, the face of Jesus is present in all who have need; no screening is necessary.

Rick Tidwell recognizes that the Church has struggled with this concept for centuries.  On the one hand, “I want them to come to Jesus, so I will share the Gospel before we start the meal.  That way, they’ll stay and listen.”  The other struggle is “If we show love they will find their way to God however they perceive God to be.”  Rick shows that this kind of dichotomy is not necessary, because the acts of compassion are commanded by Jesus as having sacred value in and of themselves.  Certainly, we can share faith…when we have adequately demonstrated that our acts of compassion are not based on any response of theirs.  When sending his Apostles, Jesus said, “Freely you have received; freely give.”  Rick Tidwell understands that and unfolds it quite well in this book.

Troy Ray
Executive Director
Halifax Urban Ministries

The Main Thing book cover
All proceeds go toward feeding the hungry and housing girls aging out of the foster care system to PREVENT homelessness and trafficking. THANK YOU!
The Right Thing and The Main Thing – Order your copies from Amazon today!


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