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Shoes for Her Feet

Shoes for Her Feet

As we serve meals to our friends on North Street each Saturday I meet women from all walks of life. Every now and then I connect with them. I look at them and smile, some choose to not look up for fear of being judged. But when they do lift their head they meet love. A love that points no fingers. A love that says you are welcome here.

I’ve had the privilege of talking with some of them. Learn their names and give them hugs. Some have even asked for prayer. Others are involved in harmful relationships. One left an abusive boyfriend that left her without shoes or a change of clothes as she fled for her safety. I am thankful to God for those who  donate clothing and shoes each week for she was able to get what she needed.

We are currently planning to have a home for these women. A place that provides Safety and Hope! And when they come to us for help I can scoop them up and lead them onto a new path, a new journey; a new life!

It took two years with a vision for young women and we now have our home for age out foster girls that will help prevent this vicious lifestyle. We are trusting God for Hope House a home for women that did not have anyone to help them and lead them toward a better life. There are a few amazing ministries in the Daytona Beach area but they can only do so much. We need more. Just as we opened Legacy House for girls aging out of the foster care system I know we will have a home for these women for with God all things are possible.

Pastor Nina Tidwell is the Director of Restore Hope Daytona and has a heart to help women. If you would like to contribute in helping RHD achieve their goal to provide safe housing for women in abusive relationships please contact her here at NinaTidwell.com or RestoreHopeDaytona.com.

If you are reading this and are in danger of abuse  please call 911, get out and seek safety.  Also contact the  National Domestic Violence Hotline


For more information regarding our ministries visit RestoreHopeDaytona.com   and   PonceChurch.com


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