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My daughter-in-law referred to me as a “Hipster Mom” when our oldest son was in middle school after I shared with the family how I approached the Kyrene School District board in Arizona as the only “advocate” in efforts to provide seat belts on school buses to keep kids safe. It took nearly 2 years of research and approaching the board introducing numerous facts as to the benefits of seat belts.

After much opposition, I was able to convince the entire board to pilot 10 new school buses with seat belts.

My Point? When I have a strong passion to do  something – I put my faith in God, and do everything possible to see the Vision he has put in my heart, come to completion.

To date, there is an estimated 565,000 Homeless in the USA on any given night – 40% are Women. Over 1 Million people experience Homelessness each year in the United States.
Domestic and Sexual Violence is the leading cause of Homelessness among Women and Families, and 20-50% of all Homeless Women and Children become Homeless as a direct result of fleeing Domestic Violence.
With Ponce Village, 200 Homeless Women in the Daytona Beach area, will now have Hope for Housing.
During one of our North Street events while serving meals to the homeless,  a woman who was fleeing from domestic violence came to us with no shoes, and only the clothes on her back. Because of the generous gifts of others, we were able to provide a pair of shoes and all the clothing she needed. And recently, a young woman came to me, grabbed hold of my hand, and with tears in her eyes shared how she had recently been sexually assaulted, and with great passion expressed how she wanted off the streets. That’s when I shared with her our vision for Ponce Village – Homeless Women Housing.
Ponce Village works with local individuals, officials, businesses, and churches to provide long-term housing for at-risk women.

We invite you to support PONCE VILLAGE – HOMELESS WOMEN HOUSING – Thank you.

RHD program director

If you are reading this and are in danger of abuse  please call 911, get out and seek safety.  Also contact the  National Domestic Violence Hotline

For more information regarding our ministries visit  PonceChurch.com

To learn more, get a copy of Pastor Nina’s New Book: LOVE AWAKENS - By Nina Tidwell at Amazon.com

SATURDAY’S at NORTH STREET in DAYTONA BEACH:  Every Saturday we serve delicious meals to our homeless friends and families in need  at 320 North Street.  We provide uplifting music as we serve our friends. We have volunteers from surrounding cities that join us. We even have those who provide clothing and pet food. Join us Saturday’s – Summer Hours: Set Up at 4:30pm, and Winter Hours: Set Up at 4pm.

Thank you.

North Street Meals for the Homeless by Ponce ChurchPonce Village Homeless Women Housing provided by Ponce Church