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Augustine Church and the Legacy Housing Project understands that many young women aging out of foster care without a safe and solid support system are at high risk of sex trafficking, prostitution and homelessness.  The Treasure Coast Homeless Services Council in 2010 stated that youth between the ages of 18-23 are the fastest growing segment of the homeless population in Florida.  In 2013 it is said that approximately 400 children in Florida will age out of foster care this year. (Children’s Society of Florida)

We thank you for joining us in becoming part of the solution by providing:

-Housing and Transportation
-Health and Wellness
-Personal Finance
-Spiritual Growth
-Watch the NEW spoken word video: She Surrendered in support of girls aging out of the foster care system. Spoken Word by Rich Tidwell. Thank you!



Feeding The Hungry – Feeding and clothing the homeless and needy families every Saturday on North Street in Daytona Beach and soon we will reach out to our friends in the St. Augustine area.


Thank you for your giving!

All donations are tax deductible.